Author, Patricia Puckett


Edited by: Diana Lyles 

The poem "Midsummer's Magic: A Series of Haikus" appears in this issue.




 The poem "Arrival in Wartsburg, Germany" appears in the 2009 issue.  (2009 issue not available for purchase and is not pictured here.) 

Short Stories 

Edited by Jessica A. Weiss

ISBN- 13: 978-0984261093

The short story "The In Crowd" appears here.  "The In Crowd" is a story about a girl who gets what she's always wanted... but not what she expects! 

Wicked Bag of Horror Tales 

Edited by Jessica A. Weiss and M. S. Gardner

ISBN-13: 978-1617061189


The short story "Blurred" appears here.  "Blurred" is a story about an author taking a much needed writer's retreat... and finding it anything but helpful. 

Guest Edited by Howard Hendrix

The short story "The Captured Queens Go to Tea" appears here.  "Captured Queens" features Hippolyta and Titania from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream sharing an evening tea together... as well as some pleasant conversation.

Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts 

ISBN- 978-1-61706-090-8

 The short story "What You Wanted to Hear" appears here.  "Wanted to Hear" is a story about finding out that an imagined conspiracy isn't so imagined.

 Compiled by Jessy Marie Roberts and Deana Roberts

ISBN- 978-1617061615

The flash pieces, "Dragon Fruit"--about a young wizard in desperation--and "Gowns I Have Worn"--about a woman reliving her past through dresses her mother made--appear here. 

Compiled by Jessy Marie Roberts and Deana Roberts 

ISBN- 978-1617061622  

The flash pieces, "And All Through the House"--about a Christmas two young boys will never forget--and "Sunday Dinner"--about a dinner to die for--appear here. 

Edited by Rose Mambert and Bill Racicot 

ISBN- 978-0982991343  

 The story, "Tooth Jacked," appears here.  "Jacked" is the story of two girls who learn the hard way not to trust the Tooth Fairy.

 Edited by F.L. Hall

ISBN- 978-0615565842

The  story, "Mirror Image," appears here.  "Image" a steampunk story of a love that seems impossible.

 Edited by Kate Kaynak and Trisha Wooldridge

ISBN-  978-1937053000

The story, "So, These Monsters Walk into a Con," appears here.  "These Monsters" is about a gathering of different types of monsters at a Con to sort out some problems occurring in their world.  Takes place in the "Monsters in America" world.

Edited by Thaddeus Rice & Patrick Jennings-Mapp 


 The story, "Ties," appears here.  "Ties" is a story of a necromancer who defies laws in order to be reunited with his deceased love.

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