Okay, so I found myself thinking about several of my upcoming projects all at once.  And then, I found myself thinking about the inevitable finish I need to do to all of their outlines.  In the end, I felt just tired by all of it.

Then I went muse-searching for the reason why.  I found myself thinking back to my process in writing "Blurred" for Wicked Bag of Horror Tales... and I think I've figured out my problem.  You see, for that story, I had my laptop open beside a large, yellow ledger pad and my favorite ink pen in hand.  I had outlined the entired story, scene-by-scene, in pen.  You see, lately I've been doing my outlines in Microsoft OneNote.  I think I need to move back to paper.  Because I think it was my little habits that helped me.  When I got stumped, I would click (yes, I'm that person) my pen or tap it on the ledger until something came to me.

It's really odd what little habits we writers have to keep in order to keep the muses happy.  Mine are music, some sort of drink or small snack or both, and evidently a ledger pad and a clicky pen.  So, with that thought... what are some of your habits?  What help keep your writing--or outlining--flowing